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24 Comfortable, Chic Spring Shoes Under $300 And 15+ Super Chic Summer Sandals Under $300

Now that spring is starting to feel official, it’s time to finally forget the past few grim months and swap your bulky snow boots out for airy sandals and slides. The Cut rounded up the best spring footwear under $300 on the market right now — and, given how gloomy it’s been, we’re skipping the black in favor of white, sorbet pinks and reds and palate-cleansing pastels. Why not try a cheery pump in shades of rose or mint? Or, take on this season’s biggest runway trends, with a ’70s clog, a gladiator sandal, or an updated version of the Birkenstock. Best of all, they top out at $300, with the majority costing less than $100. Click ahead to see all the options.

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Salvatore Ferragamo Favilia Jelly Chunky-Heel Sandal

Salvatore Ferragamo Favilia Jelly Chunky-Heel Sandal