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Loewe and Alexander McQueen Handbags 2016

What does your favourite luxury brand say about you? As part of the Brand Personas series, we focus on the elegant Loewe ladies, Salvatore Ferragamo classic lovers and Alexander McQueen rock-chic women!

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The Loewe woman knows true elegance. She loves the details, only if they are understated and minimal. She plays with monochromatic palettes and structured looks. A Loewe lady is minimalistic from head to toe. Afterall, her style mantra is “less is more.”
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If you lean towards bows and feminine styles, you might just be a Salvatore Ferragamo lady. While you dress to your mood, you often find yourself going back to the classic styles. You ooze confidence most when you have a Ferragamo in hand–it never failed you on a work day or even, on the weekends.
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You’re tough and edgy and you don’t take no for an answer. You avoid the frills and lace because your heart is set on studs and gunmetal. If in doubt, you always lean to leather–pants, skirts, boots, clutches and more. If you’re a McQueen fan, your friends must have called you out on “too much black” one too many times.
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Did I nail it right? Have fun checking those personality traits off your list as you shop for the exciting weekends ahead!