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Loewe Small Puzzle In Silver Repeat Anagram


It’s not hard to figure out why the Puzzle is such a success, Loewe’s first ‘it’ bag after J.W. Anderson took over the Spanish luxury house’s creative reins some seasons back. Besides its unusual shape (yes, it isn’t really rectangle and neither is it a trapezoid), there is something pretty magical about it. Magical in the way it looks when it’s carried in the hand or over the shoulder, magical in the fact that it can be carried at least 6 different ways, and yes, pure magic that a bag that looks so small can hold so much.

Then there needs to be a whole paragraph on the leather that the Puzzle is made up of, this supple lush calfskin that I swear just looks better and better the more you use it. I’ve got a Flamenco Knot, I’ve got a Puzzle, I’ve got a Yago, so yes, I would know. And as clumsy as I am, you don’t even see the little nicks it has endured over time, a testament to the fine leather used at Loewe.

Available in 4 sizes (Small, Regular, Large and Extra Large), here are some points you’ll need to know if you’re intending to get yourself a Puzzle. Yes, it comes in 4 sizes, but only the Small, Regular and Large come with top handles, also known as the women’s models. The sole men’s model, the Extra Large, comes without the top handle but otherwise it’s exactly the same.

Besides calfskin, it also comes in suede, exotics and the one that’s featured above, the Repeat Anagram in metallic embossed leather that I think is a seasonal offering, so if you love it, do it soon. Priced at SGD2990 for the Small, I like how you can use it as a small sling bag, or folded up as a hand-held clutch, which would work too.