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The BB Bags are getting handle-d and we love what Louis Vuitton is doing. We adore the medium Cherrywood Bag when it first came out a few months ago, but the BB is just too cute. Funny though, the medium size and the BB size are slightly different. The medium size looks more like a nice shoulder bag while the BB version is more like a handle bag (or doctor’s bag).

The Louis Vuitton CherryWood Handle BB Bag is released for the Fall Winter 2018 Collection. The Cherry Wood Bag is inspired by the Louis Vuitton’s origins as a luxury trunk maker.

The Design

Blended with Monogram Canvas and the modern miroir Vernis for the contemporary look. The CherryWood Handle BB Bag is an eye-catching object that every woman wants. The Miroir Vernis is made from patent leather while balanced with the signature Monogram. There are parts that are crafted from natural cowhide, for example – the handle.

The center is built with the emblematic tuck lock and on top refined with Monogram detailing. The right bottom is embossed with the LV logo to boast the elegance.

And while the medium size is made with long curvy handles, the BB size is happily re-shaped with short handles to optimize its cuteness. The sides can be attached with removable and adjustable strap, which also means; it can be carried on the shoulder, cross body or by hand.

The bag is suitable for all occasions including shopping afternoons or day-to-evening-use.

The Interior


Inside it’s designed with 1 flat pocket and 1 large main compartment. This is a BB bag, which means the bag is downsized. However, the interior is large enough for all your basic essentials.

The Prices and Sizes

Measuring 8.3’ x 6.7’ x 3.1’ (L x H x W) inches, priced at $1860 USD, $2300 CAD, €1350 EUR, £1260 GBP, $15400 HKD, $2470 AUD, ¥219240 JPY, 14300 CNY via Louis Vuitton boutiques.

More Images And Colors





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The Articles De Voyage line is when Louis Vuitton takes inspiration from elsewhere and implements them into their classic handbags like the Neverfull. Usually the prints are colorful and summerly, which gives us a delighted feeling and proudness to carry. For this season, the house got inspired by an imagined trip to Tahiti, which is the largest island in French Polynesia.

The new prints are designed with colorful Monogram Flowers with the classic brownish Monogram Canvas as the background. Because of the darker background, these shades are popping out, creating an attention-grabbing handbags and full of joy and energy. The text Articles Of Voyage as well as Louis Vuitton has both been printed on it, in different colors. Each bag has been completed by a manuscript on the side like Hawaii, Cancun, Knokke or MyKonos.

For those that are looking for a distinctive classic bag, this is your opportunity to grab one. Because once the season is over, these bags will not be available anymore. The Neverfull MM are measured 12.5’ x 11.5’ x 6.5’ inches via Louis Vuitton boutiques.





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Louis-Vuitton-Supreme KeepAll Bandoulière 45

Louis Vuitton x Supreme KeepAll Bandouliere 45 Bag

LV x Supreme KeepAll 45 Bag Prices
US $3650 USD
Canada $4550 CAD
China ¥28000 CNY
UK £2500 GBP
Japan ¥430920 JPY
Korea 4,370,000 WON
Australia $4800 AUD

A historical collaboration – Louis Vuitton partners with Supreme to release a limited edition collection featuring clothing’s, handbags and small accessories. We’ve already spotted Celebrities like Justin Bieber, Madonna, Fedez and K-popstar Sandara Park carrying the LV x Supreme items.

It’s very common to stand in line just to get into the Supreme store. Their stock gets sold-out quickly and many resellers are getting double or triple of their original purchase price. And again, these limited edition pieces are put on Ebay as quickly as soon as they get out of the store. The T-shirts are selling for $1000 USD to $2000 USD at Ebay, but guess what the original price was? $485 USD at Louis Vuitton pop-up store. The red hoodie retails for $935 USD, but it’s on Ebay for $4000 USD. This crazy rage has no limitation and people are willing to pay the price, just to own one of these pieces.

The Louis Vuitton x Supreme Collection is available at eight pop-up stores in big cities. These stores are located in Sydney, Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, London, Paris, Miami and Los Angeles. Due to long waiting lines, there is a ticket system installed and people can only shop for a limited amount of time. The popup stores are supposed to be open in twelve days, but Los Angeles, Miami, Beijing, Seoul, London and Paris stores are now closed because they’ve already got sold-out.

The entire collection will be available in 14 July 2017 at selected Louis Vuitton stores. But for now, see what’s available at See it for yourself at Ebay.

The Louis Vuitton x Supreme Prices

Louis-Vuitton-Supreme KeepAll Bandoulière 45 2


Louis Vuitton x Supreme Monogram Malle Courrier 90 Bag

LV x Supreme Malle Courrier 90 Bag Prices
US $68500 USD
Hong Kong $565000 HKD
Europe €50000 euro
China ¥495000 CNY
UK £46000 GBP
Japan ¥7,743,600 JPY
Korea 81,200,000 WON
Australia $81000 AUD


Louis Vuitton x Supreme Monogram Boite Skateboard


LV x Supreme Boite Skateboard Prices
US $54500 USD
Hong Kong $455000 HKD
Europe €40000 euro
China ¥395000 CNY
UK £36500 GBP
Japan ¥6,188,400 JPY
Korea 64,900,000 WON
Australia $64500 AUD


Louis Vuitton x Supreme Monogram Denim Jacket

LV x Supreme Denim Jacket Prices
US $1370 USD
Canada $1810 CAD
Europe €1750 euro
China ¥11400 CNY
UK £1020 GBP
Korea 1,890,000 WON
Australia $2130 AUD


Louis Vuitton x Supreme Sport Sneakers

LV x Supreme Sport Sneakers Prices
US $905 USD
Canada $1140 CAD
China ¥7200 CNY
Europe €680 euro
Hong Kong $7550 HKD
UK £650 GBP
Japan ¥113400 JPY
Korea 1,180,000 WON
Australia $1300 AUD


Louis Vuitton x Supreme Bandana

LV x Supreme Bandana Prices
US $370 USD
Canada $425 CAD
Europe €250 euro
China ¥2850 CNY
Hong Kong $3050 HKD
UK £235 GBP
Japan ¥42120 JPY
Korea 440,000 WON
Australia $445 AUD

Louis-vuitton-supreme-For Gentlemen Signet Ring

Louis Vuitton x Supreme For Gentlemen Signet Ring

LV x Supreme Gentlemen Ring Prices
US $435 USD
Canada $505 CAD
China ¥3350 CNY
Hong Kong $3600 HKD
UK £275 GBP
Japan ¥48600 JPY
Korea 520,000 WON
Australia $525 AUD


Louis Vuitton x Supreme Bum Bag

LV x Supreme Bum Bag Prices
Canada $2660 CAD
China ¥16300 CNY
Europe €1570 euro
Hong Kong $18200 HKD
UK £1460 GBP
Japan ¥248400 JPY
Korea 2,650,000 WON
Australia $2780 AUD



Louis-vuitton-supreme-Christopher backpack

Louis Vuitton x Supreme Christopher Backpack

LV x Supreme Christopher Backpack Prices
Canada $5000 CAD
China ¥29700 CNY
Europe €2960 euro
UK £2760 GBP
Japan ¥436320 JPY
Korea 4,650,000 WON
Australia $5300 AUD

Louis-vuitton-supreme-Christopher Backpack-2


Louis Vuitton x Supreme Denim Baseball Shirt

LV x Supreme Christopher Denim Baseball Shirt Prices
Canada $1300 CAD
China ¥8200 CNY
Hong Kong $8450 HKD
UK £730 GBP
Korea 1,360,000 WON
Australia $1530 AUD

Other Prices

Other LV x Supreme Goods Prices
Louis Vuitton x Supreme T-shirts $485 USD
Louis Vuitton x Supreme Hoodie $935 USD
Louis Vuitton x Supreme Fur Parka €3200 euro
Louis Vuitton x Supreme Denim Jacket €1750 euro
Louis Vuitton x Supreme Trucket Jacket €1100 euro
Louis Vuitton x Supreme Satin Pyjama Bottom €1200 euro
Louis Vuitton x Supreme Leather Varsity Jacket €3500 euro
Louis Vuitton x Supreme Track Pants €790 euro
Louis Vuitton x Supreme Overalls €1500 euro
Louis Vuitton x Supreme Denim Over Shirt €1790 euro
Louis Vuitton x Supreme Denim Jeans €790 euro
Louis Vuitton x Supreme Camo Dungaree €990 euro
Louis Vuitton x Supreme Box Logo Hoodie €750 euro
Louis Vuitton x Supreme Box Logo T-shirt €390 euro
Louis Vuitton x Supreme Arc Logo Sweatshirt €590 euro
Louis Vuitton x Supreme Keep All 45 Red €2960 euro
Louis Vuitton x Supreme Keep All 45 Camo €1690 euro
Louis Vuitton x Supreme Apollo Backpac €1900 euro
Louis Vuitton x Supreme Nano Backpack €1350 euro
Louis Vuitton x Supreme Chain Wallet €580 euro
Louis Vuitton x Supreme iPhone Folio €260 euro – €280 euro
Louis Vuitton x Supreme Eye-Trunk €870 euro – €920 euro
Louis Vuitton x Supreme Bum Bag Camo €1240 euro


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Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Tahitienne Cities Collection

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Louis Vuitton has recently released a limited edition of the Tahitienne Cities Collection. The collection features the iconic Monogram Canvas with colorful Tahitienne pattern. It has a print of different cities in the middle of the bag, which comes in various bold colors. The cities and their colors includes Saint Barth – Mauve, Capri – Light Pink, Hawaii – Green, Saint Tropez – Fuchsia, Knokke – Grey, Puerto Banus – Orange, Cancun – Yellow and Mykonos – Blue. The new design is available in Neverfull, Mini Pochette, Keepall Bandoulière 50 and Toiletry Pochette 26. However, the collection is exclusively available to the stores in the cities mentioned.

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Embodying elegant femininity, this newest Louis Vuitton Love Note Bag could work well to your advantage especially with your overall evening ensembles. A perfect go-to evening companion, you’ll be reaching for this bag before heading out the door.

You might be wondering why it’s called a Love Note Bag, well let us tell you why. If you take a closer look, you’ll probably notice that the bag sports a sophisticated envelope silhouette thus explaining its name. Made from black sensual calf leather that is immaculately complemented by its exotic python leather, this Louis Vuitton Love Note Bag is nothing short of perfection.

It also features most of Louis Vuitton’s symbolic details such as its gold-toned LV turn-lock closure, which not only acts a security feature but also adds a luxurious touch. Aside from this, it also boasts of a removable nautical-inspired shoulder chain so you can easily transition it from hand carrying to effortless shoulder carrying.

Pair it over your black tight-hugging dress and with your black stilettos during galas nights and soirees and you’ll look more elegant as ever. Looking inside, it features 1 inside flat pocket to keep your things organized.

The details:

Louis Vuitton Love Note Bag in Python
Size: TBD
Prices: $2410 USD, €1750 euro, £1630 GBP, $2990 CAD, $19900 HKD, $3100 AUD

Louis Vuitton Love Note Bag
Size: TBD
Prices: $1920 USD, €1350 euro, £1260 GBP, $2320 CAD, $15800 HKD, $2400 AUD, ¥14600 JPY




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Louis Vuitton x Jeff Koons Masters Collection

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Take 5 paintings by the Old Masters, artist Jeff Koons and French luxury Louis Vuitton, blend them all on an artist’s palette and you’ll quite literally get the Louis Vuitton x Jeff Koons Masters collection that launches in Singapore on 28 April 2017. Having had a preview of this collection whilst on my recent trip to Kuala Lumpur for Louis Vuitton, I’ll be honest and just say this. Unlike LV’s upcoming #LVxFragment and #LVxSupreme collections that are as straightforward as it gets, the #LVxKoons collaboration will have you firmly positioned on either side of the proverbial fence.

Using re-creations from his Gazing Ball series of works, the re-created masterpieces featuring the likes of da Vinci, Titian, Rubens, Fragonard and Van Gogh have been imported onto a vast selection of bags, small leather goods and accessories like key rings and scarves. All the pieces have been given additional flourish by way of Vuitton’s house monograms, the LV logo, as well as Jeff Koons’ graphic signature on the right bottom hand corner of each piece.


From Neverfull bags to the Keepall, there’s even the Palm Springs backpack and the Montaigne (prices to come in another update soon) adorned with selected masterpieces, and depending on which painting/shape of bag/colour combination you love the most, there’s definitely something for everyone if you’re on that side of the fence to begin with.

In other words, I won’t. But what about you?


15 April 2017
For those of you keen to get yourself a piece from the Masters collection, here are the prices in Singapore dollars. For starters, the Neverfull MM is priced at SGD4300, while the Speedy30 will retail for SGD3750. The Montaigne MM will go for SGD5500, which also happens to be the same price as the Keepall50. Last but not least (as far as the bags are concerned anyway) is the Palm Springs Backpack, that will sell for SGD4300.

Now for the SLGs. The clutch (Rubens, show above) will sell for SGD2010, whilst the wallet on chain (featuring Mona Lisa) retails for SGD2420, which also happens to be the price of the Zippy Wallet that will come in all 5 designs.

There’s a bag charm (you know, the Koons rabbit one) that sells for SGD800 which is also the lowest priced item in the whole collection. Lastly, we have the silks, the silk square will sell for SGD995 while the light shawl is priced at SGD2000.

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