Christian Louboutin Eloise Bag 2017

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Christian Louboutin Eloise Bag 2017 Christian Louboutin Eloise Bag 2017

Christian Louboutin Eloise Bag features two interior pockets, including one with zip, as well as two snap pockets on the exterior. This bag is super easy to carry and can be done as a purse handle up or thrown your shoulder using adjustable, but optional, shoulder strap. Christian Louboutin Eloise Bag this unique combo skin olive green cows and embroidered beauty, but the bag comes in a solid choice as well. Christian Louboutin Eloise Bag has a detail with cowhide, olive-toned, structured shapes and chic nail. All you need is all in one place, which is what makes you love this bag even more.

Christian Louboutin Eloise Bag Detail Christian Louboutin Eloise Bag 2017Christian Louboutin Eloise Bag Christian Louboutin Eloise Bag 2017Christian Louboutin Eloise 2017 Christian Louboutin Eloise Bag 2017

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LL Arm Candy of the Week: Christian Louboutin Eloise

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Christian Louboutin Eloise Large Calfskin-2

Christian Louboutin seems to be taking up all the spotlight these days. After debuting a charity handbag, starring in a short film for his watch designs and revealing three new nail colors, thedesigner is now unveiling a brand new handbag called Eloise.

The brand calls this bag “a marriage of Parisian design and Italian leatherwork and craftsmanship” with its architectural construction and feminine lines. The spiked leather details at the base of the bag handles add a touch of Christian Louboutin’s well known edginess.
The Eloise bag is for a charismatic and extroverted woman who loves having all eyes on her. We particularly love the hot pink color called Indian Rose which truly embodies the spirit of the woman Louboutin is catering to with this bag.

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It comes with a detachable cross body strap with additional spike details, but we guarantee it will have maximum impact if you wear it on your arm with large dark sunglasses and the highest heels you own.
Choose from colors like olive green, navy and prints like Carrera marble besides the usual black and white. Prices range from $1750 for the small versions to $2190 for the larger sizes. The small bag in Python Écorce (a colorful snakeskin finish) is already sold out online despite the price tag of $2990.

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Moda Operandi, the luxury fashion e-tailer will bring its shoppers a limited-edition range of styles from none other than French shoe designer, Christian Louboutin, on the occasion of their fifth anniversary. Louboutin will be the first in a series of créateurs who will come onboard to celebrate the site’s birthday. This is the first time Louboutin will be featured on Moda Operandi.

Set to launch this Friday, Louboutin will unveil two celestial-inspired shoes. The heavily-embellished pair of heels will be priced at $2,200, while a pointed flat will be sold for $2,000. Only 45 pairs of each will be produced.

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Christian Louboutin Leather and Python Colorblock Platform Sandals: Ten Things I Love About You

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It’s like Christian Louboutin took my favorite elements from his more wearable shoes (as in, not his super-tapered, sparkly stilettos) and ingeniously shook them all together. The outcome? A sandal that is totally sick! You’ve got a stacked platform, neutral colorblocking, sexy, crisscrossing ankle-strap, and a white python heel for a refreshing surprise when you walk away. And of course, the red sole, which reaches maximum prominence thanks to a thicker heel.

I can’t drive a car with that snowy python heel, but I can deal with that. Hey, for a hot date night, I’m not driving anyway! But I won’t be saving it just for those occasions. You might think something this spicy needs to wait for the nighttime, but I disagree completely. The tan-and-white color scheme is enough to make these 24-hour shoes –this palette is made to go with your entire summer wardrobe. 

Pair with: Fool around with this color combination, and carry one of Prada’s latest sensations. The Flame clutch, in black leather with a spicy burst of decoration, makes for a cool pairing.

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Bag Battles: Chanel Boy Bag vs. Christian Dior Diorama Bag

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The super-popular Chanel Boy Bag and the new-but-coveted Christian Dior Diorama Baghave a lot in common. The bags are both fairly new marquee additions to their respects brands’ lines, likely intended to appeal to a younger audience that might find their respective’ brands legacy offerings a little too ladylike. They also have similar structures and shoulder straps, but there are some noteworthy differences.

The Boy Bag, despite being a little edgier than the Classic Flap, does tend to have the sense of traditional luxury to it that generally characterizes Chanel bags. By the same token, the Diorama skews considerably more futuristic, which is Raf Simons’ general preference in interpreting Dior’s enormous aesthetic legacy. The bags have functional similarities, but the brands have chosen to take them in two distinct directions.

As for value: the bags are priced very similarly, and they come from brands that generally command prices at similarly high levels. There’s no clear edge one way or the other here.

In this Bag Battle, it’s impossible for me to pick a favorite overall; my preference comes down to the two specific versions of the bag being compared at any given time, and since both come in many sizes, leathers, colors and finishes, there are a lot of possible answers. Let us know which bag you like best in the comments!





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The Christian Dior Diorama Bag Has Arrived in Stores

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