Celine Luggage Phantom Bag From Fall Winter 2014 Collection

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Celine Medium Luggage Phantom Bag in Nubuck Calfskin
Color: Yellow
Size: 12′ x 11′ x 9′ in inches
Price: €1900 euro’s


Celine Medium Luggage Phantom Bag in Nubuck Calfskin
Color: Blue
Size: 12′ x 11′ x 9′ in inches
Price: €1900 euro’s


Celine Medium Luggage Phantom Bag in Nubuck Calfskin
Color: Orange
Size: 12′ x 11′ x 9′ in inches
Price: €1900 euro’s

In the world of designer handbags, there is always a reason for everything. The name, the shape, the embellishment, all carries a story or is inspired by something. It’s like the famous artist and his expensive paintings.

The Celine Luggage Phantom Bag, the name reflects the story of the bag. It’s a fact that the Phantom Bag has been hunted for years. Any serious Celine collector will shop the Trapeze, The Luggage and then move on to the final trophy, the Phantom Bag.

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On this article, we will share some details about this bag as well as the prices and sizes, the availability of the colors and leathers for the Fall Winter 2014 Collection. If you’re Christmas gift is being delayed, well, you know what to do next.

The Celine Luggage Phantom Bag is different than the Luggage Bag. The center part of the Phantom Bag is almost identical to the Luggage Tote, but the Phantom offers more space because of its east and west wings. When we zip the bag up, the shape looks closer to the Luggage Tote, but when you zip down, the size starts to expand.

Just like any Celine designs, the Phantom is perfect for casual use and by the way, it’s luxurious. The style is simple and yet distinctive to other designer brands. The Celine Phantom Bag brings a large capacity because of its over-sized opening and for the practical use, it has a lot of easy-to-access function.

The most interesting and sign of its authenticity is the leather straps on both sides. And actually, it’s not made for decoration purposes, but the leather strap can be buckled together to make the size smaller and chic’er, and also mimic the design of the luggage tote.

The bag comes in two sizes and the prices depends on the leather of course:

Celine Phantom Small Bag
Size: 11’ x 12’ x 10’ (H x W x D) in inches (excluded the wings)

Celine Phantom Medium Bag
Size: 12’ x 11 x 9’


Celine Medium Luggage Phantom Bag in Gingham Woven
Color: Blue and white
Size: 12′ x 11′ x 9′ in inches
Price: €1400 euro’s


Celine Medium Luggage Phantom Bag in Astrakhan Pony Calfskin
Color: Black
Size: 12′ x 11′ x 9′ in inches
Price: €2800 euro’s


Celine Medium Luggage Phantom Bag in Python
Color: Black
Size: 12′ x 11′ x 9′ in inches
Price: €4000 euro’s


Celine Medium Luggage Phantom Bag in Bullhide Calfskin
Color: Burnt Orange
Size: 12′ x 11′ x 9′ in inches
Price: €2200 euro’s


Celine Medium Luggage Phantom Bag in Graind Calfskin
Color: Yellow
Size: 12′ x 11′ x 9′ in inches
Price: €2100 euro’s


Celine Medium Luggage Phantom Bag in Textile
Color: Multicolour
Size: 12′ x 11′ x 9′ in inches
Price: €1400 euro’s

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Will We Ever Get Tired Of Celine Luggage Replica? Not When They Look Like This!

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It seems that the fame and popularity of the Celine Luggage replica bags hasn’t faded at all, since I keep receiving so many questions, photos and reviews of your Celine fake Luggage bags.

Celine Mini Luggage Bag Review

Celine Mini Luggage Bag Review

I completely get and I share your passion for these beauties and I think that the more we practice our real vs fake Celine skills together, the easier it will be for you girls to choose the best replica Celine bags!

So here is another Celine replica review of a Mini Luggage that was bought from Bagaholicsonlinebag.com. This was a successful purchase and here is how I can tell! First, here are the email my friend sent me and the photos of her Celine Luggage replica.

Hi Eva!!

I wanted to send you pics of my Celine bag. I ordered this bag from bagaholics and I couldn’t be more happy! I’ve been following your blog for a while and wanted to treat myself for the holiday season. Bagaholics had awesome customer service and I placed my order on a Friday and got my bag 6 days later! I was super nervous but I’m really satisfied. Here’s some photos of the bag

Celine Luggage Replica Front View

Celine Luggage Replica Front View

Celine Luggage Replica Front Logo

Celine Luggage Replica Front Logo

Celine Luggage Replica Inside View

Celine Luggage Replica Inside View

Celine Luggage Replica Embossed Stamp

Celine Luggage Replica Embossed Stamp

Celine Luggage Replica Serial Number

Celine Luggage Replica Serial Number

What a nice Christmas treat! I’m glad that everything went well and that you’re so happy with your bag. As I promised before, here is how I could tell right away that this Celine Luggage replica is good.

First, there’s the great quality of the leather. Celine Mini Luggage bags that are made of smooth leather should also have leather lining like this one has. The way the logo is stamped is another sign that this is a good Celine replica Luggage. Just look how clean the imprint looks and how the letters are properly spaced! The serial number is also spot on; remember the pattern I told you about? (one letter followed by two other letters and four numbers).

There are a few small flaws to it but luckily they are not obvious enough to ruin its whole look. First, there’s the front zipper. It should be perfectly straight and this one looks a bit crooked. Also, the stitching on the zipper pull and the stitching around the front zipper is not very neat.

But even so, I really like this Celine Mini Luggage replica! And the most important thing is that you are excited about it!

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More Celine Mini Luggage Totes to choose from for Fall 2014

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Celine recently revamped their online website and it resulted in a number of Celine Mini Luggage totes being added to Pre-fall 2014 collection. Although, many of these have cropped up in stores here’s a rundown on what to expect when trying to determine what is currently available in stores. The materials available include the following: Felt, Linen/Calfskin, Smooth Calfskin, Satin Calfskin, Textured Calfskin, Python/Calfskin, Python and Crocodile. There’s a variety of colors as well, from Solid Colors to Tri-Colors which are very popular in the Mini Luggage Bags.

More Fall 2014 and Winter 2014 Celine bag information can be found below:

  • The Nubuck Calfskin bags for Winter 2014 are available here.
  • The Celine Bags with Colored Trim are available here.

Style & Price


US Price

EU Price

Celine Multicolor Felt Mini Luggage Tote Bag $2,700.00 (USD) €1,600.00
Celine Linen Mini Luggage Tote Bag $2,700.00 (USD) €1,600.00
Celine Smooth Calfskin Mini Luggage Tote Bag $3,300.00 (USD) €2,100.00
Celine Satin Calfskin Mini Luggage Tote Bag $3,300.00 (USD) €2,100.00
Celine Textured Calfskin Mini Luggage Tote Bag $3,300.00 (USD) €2,100.00
Celine Python/Calfskin Mini Luggage Tote Bag $5,400.00 (USD) €3,300.00
Celine Python Mini Luggage Tote Bag $5,900.00 (USD) €3,600.00
Celine Crocodile Mini Luggage Tote Bag $35,900.00 (USD) TBD


Source: Celine

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Street Snaps: Kyle Richards In Sportswear And Celine Luggage Tote

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Celebrities Sighted in Beverly Hills on Brighton Way on December 5, 2012

Kyle Richards doesn’t need to get change when walking out of the gym. Nope, no need to dress casual or chic on the streets; glow-in-the-dark kind of sport jacket, black tight-short pants, and a pair of fitting sneakers will do as long as her Celine luggage tote is at her side. Imagine when she is not carrying the luggage tote, but instead a bag from the pacific market, would that change her current look? One thing I do know for sure, her Celine luggage tote looks damned good, for anyone who is interested, this is the ‘mini’ size in black. The mini version loves to play hide-and-seek, peekaboo! (What I mean is that it’s hard to find). And if you like to know where its currently available, perhaps you should follow one of our Celine bags pages and hit the Facebook button on the left so we can remind you to come back from time to time. So, who loves the Celine mini luggage tote? Me, Me, Me!!

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Kendall Jenner Celebrates the Start of NYFW with a Trip to Barneys

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Kendall Jenner Celine Nano Luggage Tote

Here’s Kendall Jenner, dropping into the Barneys Soho location for a little shopping break after a couple days of pre-NYFW model castings. (No word on which designers’ runway show she’ll appear in first.) Her bag is an all-black Céline Nano Luggage Tote, which is among her favorites, and makes an appearance on both sisters in the The Many Bags of Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

Ms. Jenner reportedly wants to drop her last name and simply go by “Kendall” henceforth. While her modeling career is particularly hot right now, that sort of declaration seems just a tadpremature, and definitely not something you want to announce right before NYFW. UNLESS you’re basically a Kardashian, of course.

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Tons of Gorgeous, Rare Hermès Bags Just Arrived at Moda Operandi

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Hermes Bags Moda Operandi 1

By now, what I’m about to tell you is well known to anyone likely to find her way to this little Internet home of ours. Hermès pieces, especially the bags, can be incredibly difficult to find, and although the brand offers a cursory selection of products on its website, the really good stuff is hidden in the back rooms of boutiques and generally offered only to clientele with whom the store’s associates are already familiar. The Internet, in its eternal resourcefulness, has brought together Heritage Auctions and Moda Operandi to allow us to circumvent the whole thing.

Heritage Auctions has long been periodically offering a selection of its finest pre-owned and vintage bags through Moda Operandi, and this time around, we’re being treated to Hermès handbags, luggage, silks and other little highly covetable odds-and-ends. Birkins start at $18,500 and range up from there to include exotics and limited edition pieces, including an ivory alligator Birkin that will set you back a whopping $99,500.

Check out our favorite pieces from the trunkshow below or shop the full selection via Moda Operandi through August 18.

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