Meet Bulgari’s New Serpenti Forever Bag

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By Butterboom Writers  /  June 20, 2016

There’s something particularly seductive about Bulgari’s signature handbag, the Serpenti Forever. Perhaps it’s just the simple compact structured framework of the bag and the quality finish of the smooth calf leather. Or maybe it’s the light gold hardware of the chain and clasps? Or the snake head closure in black and white enamel with malachite eyes. Is it the fact that we can buy it in sunflower citrine, royal sapphire or brushed metallic? Whatever the case, we are totally under it’s spell. 

The price:
Serpenti Forever bag comes in medium (HK$22,300) and small (HK$17,900) sizes.

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The Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2016 Runway is sizzling hot! We’ll be rounding up some fabulous bags under this collection, and we’re pretty sure that you’ll be wanting more. Another two-part special is under way, since there are a lot of pieces to take in. You can check out Part 2 of our feature by clicking on the link below.

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These Alma bags are beautiful pieces that you can wear to spice up your outfit. They’ve been repackaged with new, exciting designs to choose from, and we don’t know how it could get any cooler than that! We know for a fact that this design has existed since the 1930s, and that it is one of the house’s iconic pieces (next to the Speedy and Noe Bag).












Whether in Malletage or in funky, graphic prints, we know you’ll never have enough of the Twist Bags. We love how the brand has incorporated another signature lock into new designs. What’s your favorite among these babies?






Oh, maybe Santa came in a little bit early, no? These cloth bags are something you’d have to contend with. Mixed emotions, definitely.

Which of these pieces are your favorite? Tell us what you think!

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Prada New Galleria Bag

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We’ve always loved Prada bags, especially the saffiano totes. They are must haves and can’t-live-without accessories once you’ve one locked in your wardrobe. Not long ago, Prada has launched a new range of bags called ‘Galleria’ with lot of promises. And it was indeed HOT as it became one of the most coveted, versatile and elegant bags that every fashionista could dreamed of. When Prada decided to release more colors, it became even more interesting. Our favorites were black, navy and white, including leathers like crocodile and ostrich for those who love to take it to the next level of luxury.

It might look like that the Galleria story has come to an end, I mean, we have the colors and leathers, what can Prada do more? You might have never expected this, but they have recently released a newer version refined with a front pocket. It’s more functional but also serves as a decorative purpose. Available in one step or two tones colored leather saffiano, the new front pocket crafted is embellished with a beautiful luxurious locker. So what do you think of this new bag? Welcome from Canada Goose shop to purchase.

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Louis Vuitton Introducing New Backpack Collection

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The trend of backpacks continue to climb, in fact, it’s so popular that Louis Vuitton decided to launch an entire new line. Obviously, they couldn’t ignore the fact that, backpacks have become hotter than the volcano.

Perhaps Chanel started this hype, with their graffiti backpacks that changed the way we dress. I mean, what’s cooler in the summer than carrying a graffiti-painted, self-made charms (the ones you put together when you get bored in the classroom) bag on your back and combined with street style fashion? I was skeptical at first until I spotted a few bloggers styling it, and they looked darn good.



Naturally, three of the four new Louis Vuitton backpacks need to be printed with the iconic monogram canvas. The design is strenghtend with two buckles non the front. It features two side pockets and a handle on the top. Are you read to climb the mountain?


Another one that Louis Vuitton is going to be released, is much more streamlined. Monogram Canvas is prohibited and it features a simple bucket closure on the front. It doesn’t even have side pockets. If you belief as much as I do, that simplicity is ultimate sophistication, then here you go.

Btw, the last Louis Vuitton backpack is also perfect for work. It’s easy and effortless.

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