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Prada Pre-Fall 2016 photos are called the ‘Pradasphere’, the exhibition that will be launched very soon at Harrods in London. The pictures are pure, just the model Amanda Murphy with the newest clothes and bags, no other special effect has been added, not even on the back ground.

A new addition will soon join the Prada Fall Winter 2016 Collection – it’s a red shoulder bag, probably made from soft saffiano leather, totally streamlined and practical.

A blue shoulder bag in luxurious crocodile leather. A size perfect with your black trench coat. We’ve covered most of these bags extensively on our Prada Fall Winter 2016 Bag Collection post. Check it out if you’ve missed it.



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Will Prada’s Inside Bag Tote be the next “IT” Bag?

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Prada, an old luxury favorite, is looking for something new to turn the brand around. According to financial reports, Prada profits fell 44% last quarter and net income dropped to 58.7M euros ($65.6 million).

To remedy the situation, Prada is introducing lower priced bags into their new lines, cutting back on physical boutiques, and creating more special events and limited editions items. Overall, Prada is searching for something that will somehow “wow” consumers again. The new Prada “Inside Bag Tote” is the very thing Prada hopes will draw spark and lust back to the brand.

Photo Courtesy: Wall Street Journal

Prada doesn’t just expect the Inside bag to be their personal savior, but also become the next “it” bag in the fashion world. The climb to this status is not an easy feat. As described in Christa Binkley’s WSJ article, Prada has a calculated strategy to make sure the Inside bag has the ultimate impact.


Here’s a speculative game plan:

#1 Tease

The Inside Bag first appeared in the Fall/Winter 2015 fashion show in Milan. At least half of the looks in the show featured the Inside bag  in different versions. Repetition, Repetition, Repetition, created the first bout of intrigue. The extensive color range and variations on the runway also helped reveal the possibilities of the Inside bag to the fashion world.

#2 Hype and Promotion

As with any “it” bag, Prada wants the buzz and mystery to be alive around the Inside bag. Prada has been working closely with magazines for ad campaigns being launched in the upcoming months. Prada is also creating intense merchandising plans with retailers like Neiman Marcus, so everyone is on board with how critical the promotion of the Inside Bag is. More than anything, Prada wants consumers to know that the Inside bag is special, functional, and a hot commodity, and also feel special while shopping for it and toting it around!?

#3 Exclusivity

Celebrities, VIP customers, and style icons were given an exclusive invitation to order the bag first. After the first tease, Prada wanted to build anticipation for the bag by keeping access limited. In addition, Prada is working with sales associates to train them on how to sell the bag. More expensive, exotic bags are introduced in seated demonstrations to emphasis the luxurious, special qualities of the bag.


#4 Bigger Selling Point: Versatile Design

The Inside Bag is a minimalistic rectangular bag with a zippered bag inside that resembles a dopp kit. The exterior bag can be worn slightly unzipped to showcase the contrasting inside bag. The Inside Bag is available in a variety of materials such as nappa leather, crocodile, and ostrich. Available colors range from mostly muted pastels and neutrals like pink, gray, and green with complementing, bolder insides. Aside from exterior look, the bag inside is actually functional with many organizational compartments. The most basic leather, small size is expected to retail for $2,415.

Prada wants the simple, chic nature of the Inside bag to compel women to wear it as their everyday staple. Given the design and features, Prada is signaling to consumers they have every practical reason to love and need the inside bag. In their eyes, they have created the perfect feminine, timeless bag. Theoretically, with lots of women toting the Inside Bag often, the “it” bag status will pick up.

Photo Courtesy: Wall Street Journal

After learning about Prada’s strategy and seeing the bag itself, do you believe the Inside bag will reach “it” bag status? Could you see yourself buying one?

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Prada Spring Summer Ad Campaign

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I hope you’ve budgeted ‘Prada handbags’ for the year 2015 , because what the previews (or what the ad campaign Spring Summer 2015) are showing is dangerously obsessive.


Prada Double Tote Bag has gone through some changes in style – now completely modernized, in multi-color, now it shines even better on your casual outfits. The saffiano leather does not need any introduction and ever fashionista knows that you can always count this fashion brand for practical tote bags.


Prada also introduces a new duffle bag. Though in black with detailing on the corners, it’s actually very chic. It goes well with casual dresses and its made with plenty of spaces to store your essentials. The bag is made in the exact size you want to carry, handles comfy around your right arm and you’re good to go.


Many saffiano handbags have been revealed in multic-colored leather, but also nylon and exotic leather. What is even more intriguing is the new backpack in brown and black. It comes with the same handle like a tote bag.


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Talking about Prada, we know that the brand is taking every step necessary to raise the bar in bag design. They love mixing and matching different elements to come up with freh ideas every season, which is one of the reasons why they’ve been doing all of this for so long. Today, we’re going to give you another piece that’s truly TDF, the Saffiano Lock Leather Wallet! Some weeks ago, we were able to feature a similar piece, the Metal Closure Shoulder Bag. You can click on the link below to check it out for yourself.

READ: Prada Metal Closure Shoulder Bag

This Saffiano wallet is adorned with a steel hardware center, which makes it edgy and sleek. Inside, it has six credit card slots, five document pockets, a detachable badge holder, a coin compartment with zipper and an outside pocket with zipper. If that’s not enough for you, then we don’t know what is! The organized divas will dig this piece, that’s for sure!

Measuring 18.7cm x 9.5cm (L x H), you can get your very own Saffiano Lock Leather Wallet for $740 USD or €560 EUR via Prada e-store.






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Prada Two-tone Saffiano Leather Flap Wallet in Black and Sun
Style code: 1MH132_ZLP_F0L8P
Price: $690 USD, €520 EUR

Another batch of Prada goodies are up-for-grabs this season, ladies! And we’re definitely sure that you’ll love ‘em…presenting, Prada Saffiano Multicolored Leather Flap Wallets, in different colors to choose from! If you’re crazy about basic shapes and block colors, then these pieces are definitely for you. It appeals to most tastes, how simple or outrageous they may be.




This piece is made with only the finest leather, some strong and resilient material that’s sure to stand the test of time. It also has snap closure, which is sure to keep all of your personal effect secure. Inside, it’s even better – it has ten credit card slots, a coin compartment with zipper, and outside pocket with zipper closure, four document pockets, a bill compartment and (get this!) an extractable badge holder with chain that comes with two extra credit card slots! That was a mouthful, alright…’coz it’s super organized!

Measuring 18.7cm x 9.5cm, you can get your very own Saffiano Multicolored Leather Flap Wallet via Prada e-store.


Prada Ayers Leather Flap Wallet in Black
Style code: 1MH132_0XP_F0002
Price: $1,005 USD, €760 EUR


Prada Two-tone Saffiano Leather Flap Wallet in Chalk and Black
Style code: 1MH006_2E26_F0N13
Price: $690 USD, €520 EUR


Prada Two-tone Saffiano Leather Flap Wallet in Red and Black
Style code: 1MH006_2E26_F0C9F
Price: $690 USD, €520 EUR

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Prada Glace Calf Fringed Leather Tote Replica Bag Review

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Prada is one of the most important names within the luxury bags industry. This very famous brand produces some very popular and expensive purses, dedicated to stylish modern women who appreciate elegance, versatility and sophistication. From movie stars to politicians, every gal that knows a thing or two about fashion owns at least one Prada. Nowadays, it is a true symbol for superior style and refinement.

prada Glace Calf fringed leather tote

One of my favorite Prada model is the Prada Glace Calf fringed Leather Tote. This is a very unique and super-modern design that is perfect for those who adore to impress with their fabulous fashion sense. it goes very nice with city-chic outfits or with a cocktail attire.  I simply love this gorgeous bag!

Out of the various color combos that Prada offes for the Prada Glace Calf fringed Leather Tote, I prefer the caramel one. For me, it is the perfect compromise between neutrals and extravagance. Is somewhere in the middle, where class and  modernity go hand in hand.

This purse is perfect for carrying around your everyday essentials. It is very spacious, functional and versatile as it measures l. 27.0 cm  X  h. 21.5 cm  X  w. 18.0 cm and it has plenty compartiments. It can accommodate everything from office stuff to your child’s things when you’re picking him up from school.

Glace Calf fringed leather tote caramel side

The Prada Glace Calf fringed Leather Tote Caramel comes with a double leather handle that feels very comfortable and natural on your hand. Plus, it has a detachable adjustable leather shoulder strap that allows you to enjoy extra functionality when you need to have your hand free for carrying other important stuff, like groceries or luggage when you are travelling.

Always, but always an authentic looking Prada Glace Calf fringed Leather Tote Caramel will have palladium-plated hardware. This style of hardware has a very luxurious and elegant look, distinctive for Prada purses and every metallic piece on this product is stamped with the brand’s name or logo.

On the front side of the Prada Glace Calf fringed Leather Tote Caramel replica bag there must be the leather triangle logo over a metallic base that has raised silver lettering. This is located between the arched rounded leather handles.

The Prada Glace Calf fringed Leather Tote replica bag should have two outside pockets that close with two silvery zippers, but the inside of the purse closes thanks to a snap closure that it located right on the top center. Besides the two outside pockets, the handbag also has two inside pockets that also feature a metallic zipper closure.

Before buying a Prada Glace Calf fringed Leather Tote fake purse, make sure you checkout the interior of the product very well. An authentic looking Prada  bag should have a black Prada logo lining like in the below picture. Beware of imitations that have a different style of lining or color. Those will look totally fake.

Glace Calf fringed leather tote caramel inside

As long as you follow the above directions for identifying a good quality Prada Glace Calf fringed Leather Tote replica bag, you are one step closer to buying the perfect imitation purse at a very decent price.

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