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What’s happening to the fashion world? Chanel introducing Nylon Bags? And Givenchy is coming up with fabric? Some people say that when they buy luxury bags, they want leathers. Other than that, it’s not worth their investment. But what do you think?

Introducing the Givenchy Faux Classic Bag Collection, which includes the Nightingale as well as the Pandora Bag and more. The leathers on these signature handbags have been replaced with a new material – fabric. And of course, with this new implementation, the experience also changes.

The Design


The Givenchy signature bags in Fabric look slightly different than the leather version. It looks more stuffed, bigger and expandable. However, purchasing a Givenchy handbag like the nightingale in this new material can be a good thing too. First of all, fabric is light-weighed (lighter than leather), which means you can stuff the bag and carry it with more ease. It’s more scratch-resistance and easier-to-maintain (you won’t need to baby it 24/7). You can stuff the bag more than leather, which makes it a better everyday bag or a travel bag.

These handbags are from the latest Fall Winter 2017 Collection. They all feature the latest shoulder strap with the house logo on it: ‘GIVENCHY PARIS’. The logo is painted in attention-grabbing colors like red.

The Sizes And Prices

These classic handbags are made from fabric, but it doesn’t mean that they’re cheaper. For example, the Givenchy Nightingale Bag in calf leather is retailing for $2250 USD. The same bag in fabric is priced at $2190 USD. So it’s slightly cheaper, but not much.

Givenchy Faux-Leather Nightingale Bag
Size: 9’ x 11’ x 5’ (H x W x D) inches
Prices: $2190 USD, €1705 euro, $11730 HKD, $3050 AUD, ¥201700 JPY

Givenchy Faux-Leather Medium Pandora Bag
Size: 20 x 32 x 16 (H x W x D) cm
Prices: $1931 USD, $2670 CAD, €1430 euro, £1350 GBP, $2590 SGD, $2567 AUD, ¥213220 JPY

Where To Shop?

MyTheresa-Sales-Logo MyTheresa-Sales-Logo
Find the Givenchy Nightingale Faux Bag via MyTheresa The Givenchy Pandora Faux Bag is available via Luisa Via Roma

More Colors And Images










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Celebs Bask in the Sun with Bags from Chanel, Givenchy, & Louis Vuitton

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Dior Jaune Vif Evening bags Flap Bags

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Dior’s fine craftsmanship needs to explanation, they make their handbags eye-blinding beautiful. Mostly handmade, one stitch at a time and then finished with the iconic DIOR charm.

The leather of the Dior Jaune Vif Clutch Bag is extremely smooth, partly because it’s made from lambskin. Then refined in the color that stands-out and stunning at the same time, in fuchsia. This clutch bag is somewhat different than what we are used to, embroidered with beautiful flowers. If you zoom in deeper, you can find evidence that a lot of energy has been spent on the tiniest details.

The flower is not printed; it’s accessorized with magnificent flowers in crystals and beads, from high quality. It’s impressive, it’s magnificent, it’s art!

So, do you know how the perfect Clutch Bag looks like?


The Dior iconic ‘Cannage’ stitching is so-lovely, but the rules are the same: ‘too much chocolate is unhealthy’. So for a change, Dior invented the new flap bag without implementing their traditional ‘Cannage’ stitching, instead they make it soft and smooth, just the way I like it.
The fashionable urban spirit redefines Dior’s attitude. The Be Dior Flap Bag has a dynamic elegance, it’s simple lines, luxurious details and the multiple ways it can be worn make it the perfect cosmopolitan bag.
Wear this bag in five different ways: by hand, as a clutch, cross body, on your shoulder or on the arm, it’s a high fashion multifunctional bag.
The Be Dior Flap Bag is made from smooth calfskin, but also crocodile and bull calf leather. The leather choice depends on your taste; it’s finished with the DIOR charm hanging on the handles.
This bag comes in single colors, but also in bi-colors like, black front and red back. Or white front and black back. Use it as a working bag, or even for the special occasions or as an everyday accessory. It’s all-possible.
If there is any rule to remember in fashion, that’s to hold at least one gorgeous clutch bag in your wardrobe, one that can be used instantly in any event. I mean, if you’re playing with your wardrobe and can’t find the right combination, then this clutch bag can save your night.

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Current Celeb Favorite: Denim on Denim with Neutral Bags

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Current Celeb Favorite

What do Kate Hudson, Gisele Bündchen, Kylie Jenner, and Mindy Kaling have in common? Besides, of course, the fact that they’re all women with enviable careers (if not mega-powerful families). As of late, they have all been spotted wearing combinations of denim on denim, ranging from the subtly uncoordinated to high-contrast pairings, with distinctly neutral accessories in tow. It’s a look that’s cool, timeless, and impossibly easy to pull off, especially for daytime.

Mindy opted to let her high-rise J Brand Maria jeans, in their inky After Dark wash, shine against her M2Malletier mini bag and Conversesneakers, while longtime denim devotee Gisele showcased effortless airport style, keeping things simple with black jeans and paisley-print tote. Fashion-forward Kylie dressed up her J. Crew chambray shirt with Jaide Clothing’s distressed pencil skirt, Jeffrey Campbell Elphaba booties,

But it’s Kate Hudson who really nailed the look in my eyes, thanks to her flight-ready mash-up of her DSquared2 shirt, Paige Denim Edgemont jeans, and peanut-hued MICHAEL Michael Kors Riley satchel. What about you: what’s your favorite way to simultaneously multiply your denim and keep things neutral?

Current Celeb Favorite

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There is absolutely nothing better than a well-deserved productive shopping spree, that is, when your dream finally come true, that’s when everything you’ve planned out – works like a charm and that is, when the Chanel SA is whispering these magical words in your ears: ‘Yes, we still have one left in stock, let me grab one for ya’, at Paris in French of course.

And so, Jeannie travelled all the way from Singapore to Europe – her wallet loaded and ready to shoot a Chanel Boy Quilted Bagwhenever she sees one jumping by. She started in London, visited every single Chanel store and bugged every SA 6 days in a row (imagine the determination), but the god of luck was not shining upon her.

‘I have combed through each & every Chanel stores in London but to no avail despite my daily bugging to the SA among my 6 days there. I was consider lucky as per Paris SA as the very morning (18 April), this lovely medium boy came in stock.

Initially almost accepted the one & only medium boy in lambskin which is a display piece with defects. With much perseverance, I believe the right time will come.’

There you go, persistence is power, I wouldn’t recommend anyone walking away with a defect designer bag even if you can get it with discount. But you can consider Jeannie to be lucky, because she bought the Chanel Boy Quilted Flap Bag in Black just before the price increase, as per 18 April confirmed at, the Boy increased by approximately 7,5 percent. (more information will follow later on).

For those who are interested, Jeannie also flew back to Singapore with her proud and brand-new Chanel Medium Classic Flap Bag in Black and Caviar, bought at London Bond Street for 2740 GBP. Two iconic in one Europe visit, that’s a real good hunt.

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Simple yet divine, it’s a no brainer that the Be Dior Flap Bag is a big success. Paving its way to the ‘iconic status’, it got everything that a woman long for.

We have posted numerous of articles about this bag, and we can’t get enough of it. Especially as it comes in so-many nice colors – pink, black/white, in yellow crocodile, in black and golden hardware, ocean blue, deep red, your favorite combination is certainly somewhere in between.

READ: Jennifer Lawrence Presenting Be Dior Flap Bag

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But, before you dive in and settle with a style, we want you to take a look at the Be Dior Cruise 2015 Collection. New shades will be released soon and they are all delightful and gorgeous.

Take the light purple, it blends like ice and water together with silver hardware. It’s super cute and perfect for all season.

How about baby blue? Who can say no to that? It’s also crafted with silver hardware and this piece is not only luxurious but it will attract compliments like a magnet.

Why the Be Dior Flap Bag?

It’s chic, but not that chic to wear on the streets. Fashionable but with an urban spirit. Carry it from the wedding to the streets, to work or the weekends, it’s your everyday companion. For the prices:

READ: Be Dior Flap Bags Details







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