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The Beautiful Balenciaga Tool Satchel Shoulder Bag

I always love a good paper bag. And when it’s a paper bag made out of leather, I’m all ears.


Hold your horses, we’ve seen this before. This is not the first time a roll down paper bag was made into a full leather equivalent. However, I’ve never quite seen something executed so elegantly until now.


Thanks to Balenciaga, we can now enjoy the ease of carrying a roll down paper bag looking leather bag by way of the so called Tool Satchel Shoulder Bag. It’s not simply just a bag with a rolled up leather top. It’s a beautifully elegant interpretation of what it might look like if it was made of supple leather. It’s everything you wish a bag could be.


It has some D rings in the back so you can sling it over across your body, but even without it, you can still carry it by hand. The strap is adjustable, and has a leather rest. Though marked under the women’s section, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it translate into a men’s wardrobe easily.


It opens up to a wonderful suede interior. And you’ll see that the rolled top isn’t simply rolled, but it sticks in place with invisible magnets so you can stay prim and proper as you casually dilly dally throughout your day.
balenciaga-tool-leather-satchel-shoulder-bag-1What a beautiful bag.